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In November 2012, I moved to Melbourne to find a developer job with a Working Holiday Visa.

My profile was: 3+ years working experience, 26 years old French developer (core languages: C/C++).

# What you need to know

  • Your profile will be less attractive than those of Australian residents. Few reasons why:
    • You are allowed to work only up to 6 months with the same employer with a Working Holiday Visa (unless the company is willing to sponsor you).
    • Australians highly value references from previous Australian employers. It could be a good idea (and a great experience) to start with some fruit picking or Wwoofing to have those references!
    • There are already many skilled residents & migrants in Australia.
  • Nothing happens in the job market during December and January. Prefer these months to enjoy the vibrant life in Melbourne or to go road tripping!
  • Advice: Follow up with recruiters every few days.
  • Some skills in high demand can get you really lucky (web designer, Ruby on Rails or SAP for example).
  • Be open to change your plans, eventually by sending job applications Australia-wide.


  • The startup scene is growing up in Sydney and Melbourne!
  • Inspire9 is a cool co-working space :)

# How did it end up for me?

Pretty well, even through I've didn't get a job in Melbourne, I've got an awesome one in Perth as a Node.js backend developer :)

# Conclusion

I definitely recommend the experience, I loved discovering the Australian culture and Melbourne is a truly awesome city! Also, being challenged is part of the fun ;)

Send me an email if you have any questions :)

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