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I am a technology enthusiast that grew up in France and lived in English speaking countries.

I discovered Internet in 1997 and I was astonished by this impressive place of freedom and self expression.
A few years after, I started programming. I remember the intense feeling of freedom I felt when I was expressing my creativity while solving fascinating problems :)

I fell in love with programming while spending a lot of my leisure time creating programs, websites and helping/sharing with others.

To me, it's really a matter of freedom and self expression.

That's why I feel closer to social entrepreneurship rather than to pure business values.

I feel particularly interested in projects aiming to tackle these global issues:

  • improving social harmony.
  • improving social organization at large scale.
  • improving individual access to education, art, culture.
  • improving individual happiness and well-being.

Feel free to say "Hi!"

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