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Post updated: 2017-05-26

This page is just for fun, don't take it too seriously.

Data source: CSV - Survey - Original Reddit post

# Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Sample Size
  3. Friendship Statistics
  4. Relationship Statistics
  5. Socionics Intertype Relations

# Introduction

A reddit user named ashirviskas started an MBTI survey about relationships and shared the results here.

I wanted to gather some insights from the data so I generated the following statistics.

Note about the statistics:

  • Mostly intuitive types responded to the survey (hence the majority of data going to them).
  • There are about 800 answers, which means that only some of the relationship matchings get enough data to draw meaningful insights.
  • I've used a wilson confidence interval to display the results. It's a useful tool to communicate both a probability and the confidence we have in it. When you see a score range in this page, it's a wilson confidence interval. The wider the bar is the less we know about this specific matching. The narrower the bar is, the more accurate the tendency is (meaning you can draw a conclusion based on if this matching is generally good or tricky).

I am reachable through the "Feedback" link at the very bottom of this website (or just leave a comment).

Take the survey!

How to read a score range (wilson confidence interval):

Example 1 - INFPs rating their friendships with ENFPs

As the score range is pretty narrow. It means that INFPs usually tend to
positively value their friendship with ENFPs:

INFP -> with ENFP:
(samples: 35)
--- Example 2 - ESFJs rating their friendships with INFJs Here the range is quite wide. It means that even though the average is very good (see the mark?), we don't have enough data to draw a conclusion about this specific matching at this point.
ESFJ -> with INFJ:
(samples: 1)

Have a good read!

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1. Introduction 2. Sample Size
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