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Post updated: 2017-10-23

This page is just an experiment without enough data to draw significant results, it has no scientifical validity whatsoever.

Data source: CSV - Survey - Original Reddit post

# Content

  1. Introduction
  2. General Statistics
  3. Friendship Ratings
  4. Relationship Ratings
  5. Socionics Intertype Relations

# General Statistics

We've collected 967 answers so far. Take the survey!

# Respondents: Personality Types

# Respondents: Genders

# Respondents: Friend Types

# Respondents: Friendship Ratings

# Respondents: Have Been In A Relationship?

# Respondents: Sexual Orientations

# Respondents: Relationship Styles

# Respondents: Partner Genders

# Respondents: Relationship Still Continuing?

# Respondents: Relationship Made Happier?

# Respondents: Relationship Duration

# Respondents: Partner Types

# Respondents: Relationship Ratings

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1. Introduction 2. General Statistics 3. Friendship Ratings
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